Assignment 2 revisited for Assessment – Research


Based on my tutors feedback I am trying to improve my assignment 2.  My tutor has advised instead of using images for many different artists to narrow it down to just two, Lee Jeffries and Martin Schoeller. This leaves me to re-evaluate as I had matched each artists work with a style that suited the interior decoration of a particular piece of work. I had created a magazine to showcase beautiful Interiors on which there were images of homeless or displaced people.  The idea behind to discuss wether art representing others  can benefit said others or is merely a piece of art to hang on the wall.  Martin Schoeller has dedicated much time to this and each image he takes is accompanied by the story of the person who’s photograph he has taken.  It breaks down stereotyping.  Lee Jeffries also beautiful almost religious images I feel reinforce this stereotyping of homeless however it does represent the beauty of these people.  Should we be representing this people in a beautiful way.  Does it help bring attention to social issues.  Can a piece of work hung on a wall start a debate or touch someone into a point of action.

Ironically while on Lee Jeffries Instagram I came across a picture he posted of his work in a restaurant.  The image could be included directly in my project without any modifications.

The original images a I said were made to adorn the walls of  beautiful homes.  Martin Schoellers portraits remind me more of celebrity images or fashion and perhaps this theme could be taken up.  Or Lee Jeffries images presented as a family portrait.

I also need to work on the technical aspect of ration, resizing and my general presentation of the work.

Decision to make.  Would the work be better if I took the background pictures myself or used only found images.

Could I present them as if in a casting shot for a movie?


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