A4 Research, inspiration, ideas.

Ideas Board

Assignment 4.

Multiple layered image.

Cracked egg of face.

Similar to Schoeller with paper portraits.

Writing on glass steam. Like, friend ….

Fantastical world fairytale flowers fuzzy unclear with portrait.

Multiple portraits to match different social media sites, work, play, instagram, FB, Linkedin, second life.

Second life digital online fantasy world like real life or not so real doll house where you can decorate it.

Doing self portraits and placing them in dolls house series.

Tied up with wires danger of Social pages smart phone obsession.

Image of self portrait sewing blood on finger a sense of unease in the image.

Portrait of second life fantasy world and placing them in frames around the house as one would have put family portraits. Single person or family putting more importance on digital fantasy world. This could refer to the reality of ammount of time spent on our smart phones updating social media playing digital games etc and neglecting real time spent with people.

Taking cuttings out of magazines of goods, ideal home creating a fantasy world similar to second life collage 3d.  Mixing it will part real images so we do not know where one begins and the other ends. Placing self portrait in this environment.  It would be evident that the images have been taken from magazines therefore that the image is not entirely real.  Using blue lights to light the windows for example or from TV screens to give a sense of the blue light that they emit.  A sense of the digital world but also cold, strange.

ContactSheet-001 DI&C A4





Next phase first attempt selfie

ContactSheet-001 Selfie

DI&C A4 Kitchen Selfie


Research – Networks without a cause. Ch 2 multiple faces


See also. http://evaoleary.com/concealer multiple faces originally found article



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