Do Ho Suh

“I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination. We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces.” – Do Ho Suh

Do Ho Suhs work where he has recreated parts of his previous homes into large translucent structures.  They represent his previous homes and look at the ideas of migration, transience and ever changing identities.  These are recurring themes in various artists work I think in a society where we move around so much we can discover a place we consider more at home or feel displaced but we are influence by where we live or we influence where we live.  The large scale work of his translucent structures or the rubbing of paper on wooden structures whereby he has traced out details of his New York home.

I found his work while going through Wallpaper magazine cutting out items, images of goods for my Assignment 4.  I plan to combine photography and collage representing my home and living space and addressing the influence of advertisement, self image in our social media based world and inspired by the digital online living space of “second life”.  Do Ho Suh has given me some interesting ideas of different techniques that could be incorporated and deals with similar issues a sense of identity in a world where we can be so detached from our origins and our identity is not always clear.  What does our home tell us about our identity who we are.  We become as emotionally attached to the walls as to the people who passed through them.  Where we live can shape us.  What is around us influences us.

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