Christian Boltanski


Favorite Objects (1998)  Students of the Lycée Français de Chicago where asked to bring their most treasured possession.  Boltanski photographed each one and the results were an alternative yearbook and catalogue.  What do we learn from these objects about the people??  Do they have meaning now for those children who have become adults??

Chases School, 1986–1987), Photographs of Jewish Children taken in vienna in 1931.  A reminder of the mass murder of the Jewish community by the Nazis.

Images taken of students cropped in after 20 years to remove any sense of era just to show the faces.

He filled rooms with used clothes as a way of reminding us of the concentration camps.  The clothes were all that was left of many of the people who entered.  His work causes profound reflection.

“Les Suisse Mort” Pictures of swiss people as if presented in an obituary.  He chose swiss as they are a symbol of white Aryan Europeans.  The Bourgeoisie. A country that has never known war, genocide, famine….. But what does a photo tell us about a person, no more than the objects presented by the children in “favourite objects”  One day we are people with our worries and joys and the next we are gone.

Combined multimedia images. Online first accessed July 11 2016. Online First Accessed July 11 2016.

Liz Wells, The photography reader, Routledge, New York, 2003.

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