Jim Goldbergs “Rich and Poor”

Jim Goldbergs “Rich and Poor”

This series is one of those that just touched me I wanted to see each image to hold it and read it.  It reminded me of the excitement I used to get when you received a letter or a postcard with handwriting on the back.  Something that rarely happens now.  I feel I need to dedicate an entire post and further research for now here is one image that hit on a conversation I had with friends today…….


It would be hard to to relate to at least one image as they are all so personal.  Each person has written comments on their perspective of the image.  The comments are honest, personal and tell you a lot about the person more than they perhaps realise. There are so many people with so many ideas and ways of life of their own.  It is as if  by asking to write on the image they are filling in the gaps that the photograph along could not tell us or answering the questions we would like to ask the people in the images.

The image above means something to me as I work as a domestic of sorts although being well paid for this at times in my life I have asked is this where I want to be cleaning and serving people.  I fortunately can then enjoy the finer things in life and in reality now manage others to do a lot of the physical work however I know how it feels to look at the wealthier and want more.  It gives me just a little idea of someone who has been forced out of their home in order to live work and survive.  A person who never sees themselves getting out of being ‘just a domestic’.

The conversation I had with friends of various cultural backgrounds who are also being paid extremely well to do manual work they would not normally consider was how their peers would react to seeing them do this type of work if they only knew and earning salaries that allows them a to live so well.

Other images

How is it that these people have revealed their inner thoughts to Goldberg.  The images really tell us of the various lives of happiness of struggles. The handwriting makes it so much more personal than if it had been typed.

I will continue to research this artist and have filed this away for future thought.

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